Why a Home Needs to Be Tested for Meth

Did you recently purchase a home? If so, you need to consider requesting a Colorado Springs meth test to determine if the home was ever used to cook methamphetamine. This activity is becoming more common in homes across the country, as a lab can be set up in a short period of time and then moved quickly, if needed. People looking to make some fast cash find it is fairly inexpensive and easy to create, thus they turn to this activity. These labs can be found anywhere, in cities both big and small, and no home is exempt.

When meth is produced in a home, the home then becomes contaminated. This can lead to a range of health problems for future home occupants. The meth residue may be inhaled or it may be absorbed through the skin, and even short term exposure can lead to these issues. Those exposed may complain of respiratory issues, fatigue, headaches, burns on the skin, cancer, kidney damage or nausea. In extreme cases, death can occur. The symptoms seen depend on the person who was exposed.

The contamination occurs because the cooking of meth produces a toxic residue, one that permeates every area of the home, from the walls and ceilings to the soil around the home. A homeowner may be under the impression that they can scrub the home thoroughly and this will resolve the issue. They clean the home from top to bottom and remove any trash, but more has to be done, and professionals may need to be called in to handle the job.

The first step is to air the property out, as this helps to reduce the potency of some chemicals and may also reduce any odors that are present. Any material in the home that is contaminated must be taken out, and this task can be time consuming and expensive. Anything in the home that can absorb the reside has to be removed, along with contaminated items, such as sinks and pipes.

Nonporous and semi-porous portions of the home must undergo a chemical washing and the vents and ductwork must be cleaned. Air filters needs to be replaced at this time also. The plumbing systems must be flushed with a chemical cleaner to remove any contaminants. When the contamination is severe, the entire plumbing system may need to be replaced. Keep this in mind and have the home tested to ensure it’s safe.